Friday, July 23, 2010

MAD MEN - "I'm not perfect, Pete"

This is one of my favorite scenes from season two of Mad Men. What starts off as a skeevy seduction attempt from Pete, turns into a shocking confession from Peggy. Peggy is my favorite female character on the show, because she so ahead of her time. She knows what she wants and goes for it at a time when women weren't supposed to want anything but a husband and babies. In this scene, I love how the control shifts from Pete to Peggy. You can almost see Pete shrink. Of course this scene is well-written, but my favorite bit is probably how Pete reacts to Peggy's bombshell. Oh! AND when Peggy says, "Pete, I could have had you in my life forever if I wanted too." I was like, "Hell, yeah! Alright, gurl! Let. him. know!"

 If you crazy Mad Men-heads have a suggestion for a great scene, post below.

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