Monday, July 12, 2010

Mini Panic Attack

So my boyfriend is always saying I should try to relax more and not freak out so much about the million things I have to do. However as you can guess from the title of this blog, that's not so easy for me. So I decided to make a list of all the things I should be doing in the next few months. Maybe it won't be so bad when I look at in black and white?  HUGE...ass.. mistake.  I nearly gave myself a coronary. Check it out.

Goals (Things I should be doing now)
·          Praying and going to church more often
·          Writing everyday and making progress. Being able to focus on one project
·          Applying for jobs to support myself as no more Stafford is coming my way.
·          Sending out query letters to agents, managers all that
·          Shoot some sketches and produce a short
·          Enjoy my life
·          Apply for a Fulbright
·          Study for the GRE
·          Work out and stop eating red velvet cupcakes from Make my Cake so often
·          Do some sort of community service. Mentor a young girl.
·          Go to yoga
·          Re-do the Artist’s Way
·          Watch movies and television that are actually artistically inspiring and good   
           and stop watching so much crappy reality TV
·          Read more books about everything
·          Read a book about procrastination although isn’t that in a sense procrastination?
·          Reconnect with my creativity and constantly remind myself WHY I am an artist 
           and not an accountant

Crap balls! Now, I need a appletini, a Zoloft, and a bat to beat the bf over the head with for inspiring me to write this effing list! Thanks sweetie;) Before he dumps me and I have to add more thing to the list i.e. "find new boyfriend” maybe I should take that back. It’s just a fact that as artists we often have 3 jobs: Our creative work, our straight job and looking for the next gig. I look forward to the day my writing is my straight job, but there will never be just one job I’ll have to do. Better get used it.

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