Thursday, August 26, 2010

For All You Writers Who Need Permission To Get Frustrated With Writing

I teach an English conversation class to some awesome Korean students every Tuesday and Thursday. I was running low on ideas to spark some convo today, so I picked up that random free newspaper Metro to see if there was something that I could talk about with my class. Didn't find any conversation topics but I DID find a pretty candid quote from best-selling author Jon Krakuer.

"I hate to write. Really, that's not just bullshit. I'm not that good...I have to write, like, 30 drafts...When the book's finished I'm like 'I'm never gonna write another one.' I felt that way for every book I've done, and that might be true for this one"

There are times that I really don't like writing either. It makes me feel guilty when I admit that. I love when I'm done and have something that I've created, but getting through that first draft can be torturous for me. Since I often feel like successful writers have to love every minute of writing, it's good to know that Mr. K can find the process less than enjoyable as well.

By the way if you are a fan of Mr. Krakauer, his new book is Where Men Win Glory

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  1. This is basically how I feel every second of the day about my dissertation. It's t.o.r.t.u.r.e.


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