Thursday, August 26, 2010

Inspiration and Irritation

As a writer, I'm always in the search for artistic inspiration. It can come from anywhere: from a great flick or book to the dude that sells mangos on St. Nick Ave. Any of these can spark a story idea, character or a bit of dialogue. Inspiration is essential to my craft! Although the pessimist in me can also turn inspiration into a negative thing.

Grace: "Wow that was a great film! What an inspiring work of art!"

The light slowly fades from Grace's eyes.

Boyfriend: "What is it, now?"
Grace: "I'll NEVER write anything that good. Why do I even bother?!"

Boyfriend sighs and goes to the winery across the street so Grace will be happy again;)

Conversely, said inspiration could motivate me to tear myself away from Top Model long enough to actually write something.  Anyway, here are the things that I found inspirational this week.

Bitch is the New Black by Helena Andrews: I just finished this. I was a fun read for me. The author is funny, sarcastic, and self-deprecating. The book is a memoir and although I don’t  have a hippie lesbian mom or a job at the New York Times, I identified with the book immensely. She humorously describes the experience of being a young Black professional woman and all the challenges that it can bring. I think single young professional women of all races will be able to see themselves or their girls in this. Anyway, I recommend it. I was inspired, by her honesty and her unique voice.

If God is Willing and the Creek Don't Rise: This Spike Lee Joint is about New Orleans five years after Hurricane Katrina. It was heartbreaking, funny in parts and poignant. It reminded me that real people are far more interesting and insightful than screenwriters or celebrities. Maybe I should make a documentary...

Sarah Vaughn: I listen to Ms. Vaughn often when I'm writing. Something about her voice activates my imagination and makes me think of smoke-filled Harlem nightclubs, fire escape kissing and sad love stories. Don't know what I mean? Listen to this.

Roman Holiday: I was in a sentimental mood this weekend and re-watched this Wyler romantic comedy and fell in love all over again. Classic love story, beautifully directed, gorgeous locations and of course Audrey Hepburn is perfection. Do I even need to explain why this inspires me?

So, sometimes I see some news completely by accident. I used to try to stay informed about the world around me, but eff that right now. It's all too depressing and irritating. And when I'm pissed off about something, I HAVE to visit all my favorite blogs and websites to see if people are as pissed off as I am or if they are pissed off in a different way. It's like a weird form of cyber co-dependency and is very conducive to procrastination. Here are the things that made me so mad this week that they sent me spinning away from my writing and into the Internet.

The economy: It sucks. Jobless claims spiked again recently, wages are down and everything is more expensive. It's really tough to get ahead for most people and recovery is not coming soon enough.

Anyone with the last name Palin: I don't want to hear about how naughty Levi broke poor Bristol's heart. In fact, I don't want to hear Bristol Palin talk about teenage pregnancy or anything else for that matter. And Sarah, stop saying crazy shit in order to TRY to stay relevant.

American Apparel: Not only to they make uninteresting overpriced T-shirts and skanky... everything. Their hiring practices are racist. And the owner is a creepy perv. So, the fact that the company is going bankrupt seems like their bad karma is coming finally catching up with them.

FYI, I'll be writing about my inspirations and irritations every Thursday. Check back next week, if you like. Anything inspire or irritate you this week?


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