Thursday, August 19, 2010

Poverty Chic

Supposedly it is now en vogue to live like a pauper. I saw in a NY Times article that lots of folks are choosing to live on less. So to basically live a young artist's lifestyle. Well, hot diggity dog, I thought I was just broke, but it turns out I'm poverty chic;) There are countless blogs on living more simply and even the high-end magazines like Vogue and Elle are giving tips for the "recessionista." It turns out due to the recession's hit on the nation's pocketbook, people are realizing that they don't need as many material possessions as they thought to live a happy and fulfilling life. Some are even downsizing quite a bit and couldn't be happier. They are moving into smaller places, giving away clothes and other worldly belongings. They are shifting their priorities from buying things to doing things that really make them happy. Some are even calling themselves freegans and go dumpster-diving every night for food. Uh...I don't know about scrounging through the garbage for sustenance, but I think that this shift in consciousness is a good thing. And if anything good comes out of this crappy economy, I hope our country is moving away from the rampant consumerism that has defined us for decades. But that's the optimist inside me that rarely peeks her little head out. I had a revelation about living on less just recently.

I was SO close to getting a full-time day job that paid mad dough. I had two interviews that went really well, but didn't end up getting the gig. During those few short days that I thought I was going to get the job, I began dreaming about what I would do with the increased income. I'd not worry about rent, replace my half-dead TV and go on some vacations for sure, but I could not think of much more that I really need right now. And while I was disappointed not to get the job, I learned that I should probably find a part-time day job so that I have time to concentrate on my true passion: becoming the most bestest writer in the solar system:) I can live with less right now, so I can live my dream later.


  1. I'm sorry to read you didn't get the job, I know you would have been perfect for it! I would like to point out that you had another moment of optimism in your blog - you saw this as an opportunity to focus on writing. Kudos to you!

  2. Love this article. I definitely find that when you aren't doing something you love, people always replace it with "stuff." People now are definitely trying to find ways to save money because they lost income, but what happens when they get that income back? If people still did the same thing with an increased income, they could save that money, by things with cash and never have to pay interest to anyone. Though that's the optimist in me as well, hoping that everyone will learn to live with less and appreciate what matters the most! Oh and glad you are still following your dreams, they will surprisingly end up coming true! -Michelle


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