Friday, September 10, 2010

Get Outta Town! Retreat and Reflect

You writers out there ever feel like you're being pulled in fifteen different directions? That you have so many projects, collaborations and ideas that you can't focus on one without another tapping you on the shoulder to say, "Pay attention to me?!" And then there are the necessities of life: laundry, groceries, cooking, jobs, and apartment cleaning.  And if you have two X chromosomes, as I do, there are various beauty rituals that you may or may not feel compelled to do. Finally, every so often, you must peek your head out into the world so that your friends and family know that you are not dead, you're just a writer. Time management has never exactly been a strength of mine and sometimes I need to get out of town to clear my mind.  Yes, you can find adventures in the city. But then sometimes nothing jumpstarts the old creative juices like travel.

If you can't tell, I need a bit of tranquility. Some time to focus completely on writing without the other distractions that life can bring. And since there is nothing that inspires me more than travel, I'm thinking that I need a straight up retreat. My own mini Eat Pray Love moment.  So, I did some research and found two retreats that I'd love to do in the near future. More after the jump.


Negril Yoga Centre
I'm a huge fan of yoga. In fact I would do it everyday if I could. It can be aerobic, relaxing and may even get you forget about your troubles for a moment or two. I found this great little place in Jamaica called the Negril Yoga Centre. So, you may be thinking that this place would be way expensive. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how cheap the rooms are. They range from $46-$76/night. The yoga classes are $10/class which is cheaper than most places in the city. The menu there looks amazing and you're steps to the beach. Of course you must get to Jamaica, the flight is around $350, but given everything else is so inexpensive, it's not that bad. I am picturing my self now with a notebook and pen staring out at the view in the pic above.


A Writer's Retreat
So if you want a formal writers' retreat, there's a web site called The Writers' Retreat. It is a network of residential retreats (their words). Basically, the site owns a bunch of cottages and houses in places where there is not shit going on, so you got no choice but apply your butt to your chair and write. They've got properties in Rhode Island, Vermont, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia and if you're looking international Spain and Costa Rica. The rooms are outfitted with writer friendly stuff like pretty views, work desks, and some even have room service. The rates are pretty reasonable too. Depending on where you go, it'll run you between $550 and $750/week. They also have workshops with some prominent writers, but those can be a bit pricey. If you wanna be about business you should be able to focus at one these spots.

Have you been on a great retreat? Where was it?

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