Monday, February 28, 2011

The Oscars Debriefed: The Show Sucked

Wow, I have to say the Academy Awards ceremony this year was THE most boring, humorless, nap-worthy ceremony in recent memory. So, Black folks we may have not been nominated this year, but the bright spot is not having to sit through that mess. Who wrote those shockingly-bad, predictable jokes? Who produced it? There were so many awkward silences and so much nervous laughter. Now I love Anne Hathaway. She's the dream lead in one of my rom-coms, and she did the best she could with what she was given. BTW, didn't know Miss Thing could sing. I was impressed. Not as fond of James Franco, but I was expecting his usual brand of low-key, hipster humor. The commercials for the awards were pretty funny. BUT Mr. Franco and Ms. Hathaway bombed. It's not completely their fault. They didn't write it, but they did look mad uncomfortable up there. Epic fail to appeal to the much-desired younger demographic. 

As far as the actual awards went there were no surprises. Everyone's been loving on the King's Speech for the past few months and it won the night. I, frankly, found the film repetitive and dull. There were some good moments to be sure, but best film of the year? I always wonder with these British monarch biopics, if when Americans profess their love, they are just trying to seem smart and cultured. Whatevs. I'm obviously out of step with the Academy. I only got two of the major awards right: Toy Story 3 for best animated film and The Social Network for best adapted screenplay. 

What did you think of this year's Oscars?



  1. My observations of the Oscars...1) if there needed to be two hosts because they were younger and less experienced that the traditional older hosts, they've proved their point. Clearly at this point in time, our generation severely lacks th...e class and talent to not just OPEN the show, but sustain our attention for over three hours. Which leads me

    to 2): Was James Franco high as hell the entire time? Was there somebody to blame? Perhaps somebody blew off rehearsals and prep and therefore the show had to cut bigger host performances?

    and 3): Did the writing staff just spend all its time and resources writing intros for the presenters instead of the hosts? Did the academy just give up on our generation to make us look like fools compared to their older past-hosts...they even included several of the pasts hosts in presenting other material that in comparison to the current hosts duties went much more smoothly and less awkward.

    For the first 30 minutes I thought we, the national viewing audience, were being punked. After that I had hoped that maybe instead of a grand opening, they planned a grand send off at the end. Then I Oscar show was a complete mess and the entire writing/production staff should be fired.


    I actually thought the f-bomb in Melissa Leo's speech loosened the tension so much. To that point in the speech (especially following Kirk Douglas - whom I already thought had died), we needed a comic relief that we could be sure was actually intended to be laughed at.

    In all - I'm glad Melissa Leo, Natalie Portman, and Colin Firth won...they all deserved that for their performances...glad Inception swept a few categories, although I have my own problems with the logistics of the film (e.g. If the idea of... pain being from the mind and that if you are shot in a dream you feel the pain of being shot, what does the mind think a gunshot feels like if you had never been shot in reality?) F-ing SICK of the Social Network even though I've never seen it. And lastly - to the guy from Pixar...can we finally stop talking about how fantastic it is to work for Pixar? Computers animate your film...not your hands. I know it's finally time for the geeks of the world to win, but there should be a separate category for COMPUTER ANIMATED FILMS v. HAND/CAMERA ANIMATED FILMS.

  2. James Franco was high. Definitely high. I.e. His interview before the actual ceremony.


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