Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hater Alert! Artists Attacked

Some guy, wrote an article for the Huffington Post titled "9 Reasons Why Dating Actors Is A Bad Idea". Now, I'm mainly a writer these days, but I know many actors who are kind, stable, sensitive folks who are great partners and don't deserve these broad generalizations about their datability. I found this article offensive and, worse than that, unoriginal. Thus, I will proceed to debunk all of this hater's 9 reasons that actors don't deserve love.

1. "Actors are financially unstable." Uh... has he been under a freakin' rock? The whole country is financially unstable. I have friends in practical careers with masters degrees who are unable to find a job. Actors and other artsy people are great at coping with financial difficulty and are capable of hustlin' their way out of it. By the way, I know plenty of actors, who aren't famous, but are maintaining a great middle to upper middle-class lifestyle doing theatre and commercials.

2. "Actors are in a state of perpetual emergency." Huh? He says there's always an audition, a call-back, blah, blah, blah. lawyers and doctors aren't dealing with constant emergencies? Stockbrokers? CEOs? Teachers? Everyone has job-related emergencies. Why are actors less-deserving of a loving partner's support? 

3. "Actors have funny schedules." And thus, he or she is often unavailable for months or whatever. I know lots of lawyers and they often have crazy 80 hour work weeks. How about emergency-room doctors who notoriously have insane schedules? What is this dude talking about?  

4.  "They are constantly exposed to rejection, hurting their self-esteem." Yes, this is true and thus actors develop a thick skin, something this guy obviously lacks. Otherwise, he wouldn't be writing articles about all actresses being un-datable.  Sounds like he's been dumped one too many times by actresses who found him lacking. 

5. "They are in constant danger of being criticized publicly and therefore feel insecure." Constant criticism makes actors brave, not insecure. Trust me, it's WAY easier not to be an actor than to be one. Actors take the hit and keep it moving. Besides, dealing with criticism is a part of life and a part of a good relationship. 

6.  "Their self-absorption leaves little room in their lives for others." In order to be a good actor, one has to be a good listener. In acting 101, you learn that. Self-absorbed actors are bad actors. Good actors are sensitive students of human nature. A sensitive partner who listens to you is great right? Besides, self-absorbtion is not a trait that is unique to actors. Trust me.

7. "They are incapable of sustained, deep happiness." Now this one is truly offensive. Actors are only actors because they love what they do. Isn't having a job that you love an essential component to happiness. And who is this guy to say an entire profession is incapable of happiness? That's unfair and frankly cruel.

8. " Their satisfaction is externally determined." He says, "So the actor’s happiness is perpetually determined from the outside: the opinions of casting directors, producers, reviewers, and their audience.  As Lao Tzu said in Chapter 9 of the Tao Te Ching, “Care about people's approval, and you will be their prisoner."  ARGH!!! In order to be an actor, or any artist you have to NOT care what people think! Everyone, from your family to teachers try to discourage you.  To be an artist, is to go against what society says is practical. Besides, in EVERY profession, people must seek approval of their job performance from a boss, from co-workers, or from clients. Besides, dude, this is America! We live in a capitalist society. There are a lot of people who seek satisfaction externally by buying huge houses, cars and designer clothes. Actors, especially early in their career, give up the external trappings of success to seek the internal satisfaction that they get from their work.

9. "They inhabit a perceived state of permanent decline." He uses the example of his friend who freaked out because she turned 24. Whatever! Actors are not the only humans who are vain about age and looks. If that were so, the whole beauty industry would go out of business! 

So, don't disqualify anyone from your life solely due to their profession. You may be missing out on someone kind, creative and amazing. If you meet an actor who's an asshole, he's just an asshole. Don't generalize. If you can't deal with dating someone due to their financial situation, that is your personal decision. However, know that if you meet someone and she says she's an actor or artist, she may be making a great living. Just because she's not famous, doesn't mean she's destitute. Just ask a Broadway actor.

Did you agree with this article? Why or why not?

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