Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Thursday Feature: Film Forward

I'm movie junkie so I'm always trolling the Internets to find trailers for films that will provide me with my next narrative fix.  So every other Thursday, I'll bring you what I think are the most promising films being released in the next month or so. Also, because I'm snark-filled, I will also bring you a trailer for a film that I think will be hilariously bad. I'll then see the movies and let you know whether I was right or wrong. Let the unfair pre-judgement begin after the jump!

Dear Lemon Lima
Prediction: Promising

This looks extra cute. Full disclosure: The writer/director Suzi Yoonessi went to my film school. However, this looks right up my alley anyway. I love awkward adolescent comedies as I was THE most awkward adolescent to ever walk the streets of Lathrup Village, MI.

Cedar Rapids
Predication: Promising

The script for this film was on the 2009 Black List. For those who don't know, the Black List is a list of the most popular un-produced scripts according to studio execs. It's also about the Midwest, where I hail from. Holla'! Looks like it could be funny and there's a Black dude in it so I'll check it out.

Night Catches Us
Prediction: Promising

I'll be checking this one out on DVD. I'm fascinated by the Panthers and this was at Sundance so I'm curious. Also, Anthony Mackie is hot.

Prediction: Hilariously Bad

Disney's Beauty and the Beast meets Gossip Girl. Cue emo music and predictable ending.

What movies are you looking forward to this month?

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