Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Favorite Recent Madame Noire Posts

You might ask why I posted this random picture of me as a baby. Well, this is how I feel when I write. I look happy here right?! Now, look at my eyes; don't they look a little dead? My tiny hands? Physical manifestatons of my anxious energy.

As most of you know I write for an online ladymag called Madame Noire. Here are some recent posts that I wrote that were my favs. Check them out.

Leave it Alone!: Movies That Should Never Have Sequels (or Prequels)

The Disappearing Meaty Roles For Black Actress

More Than Dinner and a Movie: 7 Creative and Fun Date Ideas

Need a Break? Try these Relaxing Fall Vacation Ideas

He Better Call Tyrone: 7 Guys Who Should Lose Your Number


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